Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Page of Betty Being Bad

Betty Being Bad

 “What are you wearing, Betty?”
This was the cue that Carson wanted to play the game. If Betty answered, ‘white cotton panties’ the visit would remain casual. Betty had promised herself that from now on it was the only answer she’d give. She’d even practiced saying the words out loud on the way here. So why was she hesitating?
“Its Ray today,” said Carson, tilting his head in the direction of the guard.
Ray was the nice one. He overlooked small infractions and even joked with the prisoners. Still, Ray had nothing to do with Betty’s decision. It was the look of expectation on Carson’s face that did it. She didn’t want to disappoint him. Betty scooted her chair closer to his. “I’m wearing the thigh-high black boots and the black leather biker vest.”
“And under the vest?”
“Nothing. It’s so tight Carr that it pushes them up and out.”
“Pushes what up Betty?” Carson’s light brown eyes opened wide, in mock innocence.
Betty had always loved his eyes, even back in middle school when she found him annoying. In the years since, their relationship had gone from friendship, to flirtation, to a few drunken make-out sessions, and back to friendship again. The game wasn’t changing anything, Betty told herself. It was just a way to add a little warmth to his long cold days. She sat up straighter, as if she really were wearing the vest, as if Carr were at this very moment eyeing her cleavage, rather than the front of her navy turtleneck, sweater-dress. “You know what.”
“Say it for me,” said Carson.
“You know I don’t like to use those kinds of words,” said Betty pressing her knees together and primly folding her hands in her lap.
His hand came to rest on hers. “Please. For me?”
Betty faked a sigh, “All right but just this once.”

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