Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I spent eight days making the revisions my editor asked for (Betty Being Bad) and just heard back that she's happy with it. Very exciting! I've learned so much since my manuscript was accepted. I did, after all, think it was finished and as good as I could get it when I submitted. I was wrong. Editors really do know what they're doing, at least mine does. (Thanks, Tash.) Every one of her suggestions made perfect sense to me. This made revisions fun, as opposed to a chore. Of course, this could be because I LOVE to write, and my goal is to give my readers the best story possible.
It is because of this goal that I've decided to set aside the time travel story. I've always been drawn to stories that could really happen, and characters who could be someone you know, (like that really hot guy in your apartment building. Or you.) So from now on I'm going to stick with my strengths and focus on contemporaries. This has greatly reduced the number of stories on my 'in progress list'. Fewer stories means more time to work on each one, and faster finishing times. I hope to have another novella ready to submit to Red Sage by the end of summer.