Monday, March 7, 2011

Jean Paradis

Demon's are one of the hottest trends in romance fiction right now. They are right up there with vamps and werewolves. I've never been particularly attracted to fangs or fur, and the whole blood sucking thing just doesn't do anything for me. I mean, have you ever tasted blood? Ick. But the demon thing, well that one has me intrigued. I've always had a thing for bad boys and what is badder than a demon? So when one showed up in my rather warped imagination I quickly made him the hero in one of my current stories. (I always work on more than one story at once and have six erotic romances in progress, not including Betty Being Bad, which is set to be released with Red Sage in June.)
Because of my sudden interest in Demons I was naturally excited when, on Christmas, a book called How to cast out demons (a beginners guide) showed up in our family's white elephant gift exchange. I stole it from my niece who then, to my dismay, stole it back. Lucky for me, at a recent family gathering my niece's mother secretly gave it to me. I opened it full of enthusiam, sure that I would get useful information on the world of Demons. Turns out, it is not quite what I was expecting. This book is absolutely terrifying. Written by an Evangelical Christian it explains all the ways that demons can infiltrate our minds and how we can keep them out. Entering any church other than the evangelical one is really dangerous, for example, and one must say a cleansing prayer first. Education also puts one at greater risk. If you go to college you might get all kinds of strange ideas that go against the church's beliefs leading you away from salvation and into sin. My personal favorite involves those who were born out of wedlock. Being conceived 'in lust' can cause one to have problems with lust later in life. I really feel sympathy for all those married evangelicals who manage to concieve children without any lust being involved. I think I'll stick with fictional demons, they're much more fun.


  1. Loved your post; I laughed out loud!

  2. Tammy, you're a hoot and I'm just thrilled at your upcoming successes!!! Being in a writer's group with you is a gift! This blog is a riot and I hope to read some of what you're working on (demon-wise)at our next meeting.

  3. Too funny... I'm afraid I've known some pretty lusty preachers' wives! (possessive) Minnette :o)

  4. What a scary experience! And very conservative dogma! Didn't the book cover provide a clue as to the content of the book? I'm thinking that it probably didn't have a humorous cover.

    I also write paranormal and loathe the blood suckers. I do gravitate towards paranormal research books that are cartoonish or amusingly humorous and find that they meet my lighthearted expectations. Sometimes looking at a book cover and contents page can give you a feel for its perspective so you don't fill your mind with evil.

    The fact that your niece stole it away from you was probably a clue from the universe that this book was not right for your research. I've found that when there's obstacles between me and a research book, it often is because that book is not meant for me to read because it differs from my vision. Once I find out what the book is about, I'm glad that I didn't read it.

    So pay attention to the feel and look of a paranormal research book. Look for books that call to your soul beyond the title -- which can be misleading. That's the best way to find insightful books for your paranormal research. Good luck!