Friday, July 15, 2011


Numbness wore off. Thank science for percocet.

So, Stephen King admits in his book, On Writing, that he wrote Cujo while drunk. Does this mean that instead of reading/dozing all day I should have been whipping out pages with my good hand? I've been told that I spend too much time overthinking and overanalyzing everything (thanks mom) so maybe drugs are the solution. I'll just let loose and see what comes out. Rabid dogs and psycho clowns? Oh wait that's been done. I know, I'll write a teen romance about a hot vampire, and throw in a werewolf for conflict! Hmmm, that feels sort of familiar too. Wizards and Witches anyone?

Maybe I should stick to what comes naturally to me. That other writer who lives in my mind, the one who focuses on plot more than sex, is currently working on a romantic suspense. She was very excited about it until she heard from those who went to the RWA conference that Romantic Suspense is dead!

What I want to know is who killed it? Another sub genre bites the dust--- and it's not vampires, or demons or shapeshifters---but my current genre of choice. Figures.

What Now?

Back to the clown? Beneath the rainbow wig and the painted on smile, is a well endowed, steaming hot vampire who just escaped from Shawshank prison and is searching for his life mate; a shape shifting hermaphrodite werewolf, who is on the run from a blond bounty hunter named Dog, who is distracted by a black cat who then shifts into Halle Barry...

...maybe I better wait til I'm off the pain meds.

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