Monday, July 18, 2011

Borders, We'll Miss You!

Sad to hear that it's official. All the Borders stores will be closing their doors. I've been meeting my writers group at a Borders for more than ten years now. I'm sure we'll find a new place to meet, but it will never be the same. The changes that are taking place in the publishing world are pretty scary, but I believe that good storytelling will endure. It's only the medium that is changing. It has to. Someday this time in history will be referred to as 'before and after the Internet.'
As for enduring, once upon a time stories were told around the campfire, harrowing tales of Uncle Bunga nearly being trampled by an angry mastodon, but using his wits to outsmart the beast and living to tell, and embellish, the tale. We all know that the publishing industry is a dinosaur. It can't stick around forever. While some book publishers, like Tricerotops and Tyranosouras, are destined for extinction, others, think fish, lizards and birds, will stick around forever in some form or another. I did read that some in the book industry fear that paper books will vanish and we'll stop reading altogether. If that were true I would have stopped listening to music when cassette tapes died out, and stopped watching movies when DVDs replaced VHS. Get real people. We will adapt. Stories and we who write them are here to stay, we just look different. And on a positive note: electronic books can't be burned! That's especially good news for those of us who write erotica. 

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  1. Great post, Jean! I agree that storytelling is here to stay. Change is exciting as well as frightening.