Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions that I will absolutely positively without a doubt---not achieve

I have come to the conclusion that setting goals is a direct route to failure. Okay, maybe not for everyone, but definitely for me. I've followed this pattern since I was six: set goal, decide it's too hard to achieve, give up, and feel bad about myself. That's it, story of my life, history of my failures. And if you're wondering what kind of goal a six year old sets I must confess, the neighbor girl, who was all of nine, is actually the one who decided I needed to go on a diet. She became my personal trainer and forced me to jump rope. Afterward, I went home and had a snack. When the evil Michelle asked my brother what I was doing the little traitor told her about my toast with jam. I was filled with shame.

So after many many years of setting goals; health goals, writing goals, 'change myself into an entirely different (Better) person by next  year,' goals, I've given up. The following is a list of goals I will NOT achieve.

I will not work out three to five times a week, alternating aerobic workouts with strength training.
I will not eat nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables, cut out all sugar, fat, salt, etc.
I will not lose thirty-five, twenty, or even ten pounds.
I will not finish my mainstream novel, find an agent, get published etc.
I will not sell numerous romance novels, and novellas and become the next self published internet success.
I will not overcome my fear of speaking in front of large groups.
I will not learn to be self confident, gregarious and the life of the party.
I will not learn poise, grace, and charm.
I will not become the new and improved version of myself.

Here is my list of things I absolutely can and will do.

I will breathe.
I will eat.
I will exercise.
I will lose something (Probably my keys, or my cell phone.)
I will write.
A lot.
And maybe finish something.
And maybe submit it
Or maybe self publish it.

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  1. I LOVE this, Tammy! Funny, smart, from the heart and soooo true. You're going to write a great novel and get published, absolutely. That's my prediction, based on who I know you are. You got sticktoitivness whether you believe it or not and you'll keep working at your goals until you accomplish them. Of COURSE you'll get discouraged and depressed sometimes but those emotions will pass and you'll get right back to work. Of all of us in our group, you're the one I have the most faith in to be published (fiction book-wise)first. :-) Tina